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Startup Ideas worth Pursuing

Ideas Worth Pursuing
Startup ideas are being pitched to investors as you read this post.There is virtually no barrier to entry when developing products for the internet.There are few exception though.If the idea is highly dependent on technology and its capital intensive, it may not be replicated easily.If an investor believes in the idea,capital may be made available to the team behind it to pursue it.I am looking out for ideas that can serve a big market and actually solves a pain or a problem out there. Ideas that can scale and is compelling enough to cause a repeat usage. Evan Willams has outlined ten rules for web startups his article on how web startups can succeed with the ideas they intend to pursue.How do you decide if an idea is worth pursuing . Sometimes you never know.A pet project can turn out to be a hot idea worth millions. Twitter started out like that.Employees needed a better way to communicate.Twitter was released in house and now the application is all over the place. Check these ideas out Steve Poland has outlined 100+ Web Start-up Business Ideas that are worth your time.


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  1. Yunjian says:

    What’s more important than coming up with ideas is to stick to one idea that you’re passionate about, cultivate it, build it, evolve it around user feedbacks.

    I’ve been in search of the idea to stick to. Let’s share ideas!


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