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Red Herring Series:Top 100 Technology Companies In Europe, Pt 1

Red Herring is a global media company uniting the world’s best high technology innovators, venture investors and business decision makers in a variety of forums: a leading innovation magazine; an online daily technology news service; technology newsletters, and major events for technology leaders around the globe. The 2009 winners in Europe were unveiled and featured at Red Herring 100 Europe 2009 in Berlin ,Germany.I will profile the companies some of the companies that made it to the top in this post and the rest in the subsequent posts.The first ten companies include :

Abiquo is a company that was set up in Barcelona (with division in Madrid and frequently presence in San Francisco) in 2006. It has a global vocation, developing an open-source cloud-computing platform. With their technology, clients can create and manage their complex architectures of information systems from one unique platform (such as physical and virtual servers, networks, applications, storage, and so on). Abiquo’s Cloud Computing platform is released as an open-source license and it allows everyone, regardless of the size of their organization, to enjoy its benefits.

Accedo is a privately held company founded by telecom and media entrepreneurs Michael Lantz and Fredrik Andersson primarily backed by Swedish VC Industrifonden.Accedo Broadband is a provider of applications for IPTV and Connected TV. Accedo Broadband provides application store for IPTV and Connected TV containing, for example, IPTV games, quizzes, puzzles, video art, comics, karaoke, lifestyle, niche sports, weather, social media and communication services. Accedo’s Funspot gaming service is the most widely deployed IPTV gaming service in the world. Accedo Broadband is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with branch offices in London, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Actimos is focused on developing the mobile travel friend Wipolo designed to simplify travelling. Actimos provides business travellers with useful tools before, during and after their trips.Travellers are free to choose their travel providers. They often have different providers for flights, trains, hotels or rental cars. After they have made their bookings on travel websites Actimos propose to centralize their reservation details and enable to consult them very simply on their mobile. More than that customers give them a licence right to collect information on their name from different web sources as a real pesonal assistant.

ActionBase offers companies a framework that can be leveraged across multiple areas of organizations to provide a broad base of solutions. Business specific solutions include :Audit.Tracker – Internal Audit. Compliance.Tracker – HSE and compliance tracking.Decision.Tracker – Corporate Decisions Management.Contract Tracker -Contract.Tracker –Fraud.Tracker – Fraud escalation and customer care.

Acumem is a provider of intelligent software which analyzes and helps optimizing the computing performance in single- and multi-core environments. Acumem contributes to their customers’ success in maximizing the benefits of multi-core technology, achieving the full potential of their systems. Acumem has partnerships with leading companies in the multi-core market such as Sun Microsystems, HP and Microsoft. Acumem is a privately held company based in Uppsala, Sweden with sales office in Boston, USA.

Adactus is a software company offering solutions for delivery and presentation of adapted multimedia for mobile terminals.With base in the ISO standard MPEG-21, they control the delivery of content into detail with respect to Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.They deliver custom designed and easy to use applications for mobile terminals, and offer improvements in functionality and user experience.

AdJug is an online advertising exchange. It connects buyers and sellers of online advertising and provides them with transparency, control and choice.Publishers can take control of their online inventory to increase their earnings and advertisers can run better campaigns because they know where each conversion and traffic is coming from.AdJug was founded in 2007 by Satish Jayakumar and Michael Stephanblome.

Ads-Click is a market leader in solutions for contextual and mobile advertising. The company’s technology is used by major Internet players and mobile operators and serves over 5 billion pages views per month. Since its inception in January, 2004 Ads-Click has acted as an innovative force in the world of online advertising by providing a game-changing level of transparency and control over ad prices and content types compared with other providers.

ammado is the global online community of people who care. We connect nonprofits, socially responsible companies and engaged individuals dedicated to positive change on a global and local level. Ammado provides companies with a state of the art global community engagement and giving platform. Our online community engagement platform allows companies to set up their own interactive CSR profile; share their values, goals and activities; use the media tools available such as articles, photo albums, videos, document libraries etc.

Animasher is a place where you make animations. Users can Make their own by Choosing a picture (your friend, a dog, whatever) and drag it around.Add some sound effects and Save animation. Share it on Facebook, MySpace, etc

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