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Twitter and Facebook Are Not Alone,How Different Is TipDrop

Micro blogging

The new micro blogging term is “What do you know about that?”.Can this statement overtake “Whats on your mind” from facebook and “what are you doing” from twitter .Th micro blogging space has grown tremendously since the twitter went mainstream. But twitter is still figuring out how to make the most of the application.Revenue generation has not been so good. Yammer has built the same concept for enterprises

TipDrop is a place where people come to give and receive tips on just about anything. When you see a tip sheet you know something about, simply answer the question posed.So, how does it work? People post tips that relate to specific topics found in tip sheets. For instance, a user might create a tip sheet with the title, “How to save money in a down economy” and another user might add a tip that advises, “Pack your lunch instead of eating out when at work.” In fact, in its first five days the site has had 1,000,000 page views and more than 3,000 tips.


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Startup Business Ideas

Startup Ideas
I have been looking into ideas that can possibly be turned into a company if the market analysis are done right.These are some of the ideas I have been thinking about.

•“There are plenty of customers and business partners that are willing, and even anxious, to tell a business exactly what they need, how to improve a product, or even become involved with the design and innovation process in order to contribute their experience and requirements. It is through empowering the people and letting their contributions be heard that the great advances are made.”

• Diskaunt
Online deals and discount provider which lists all available shopping discounts. Discounts on flight, hotel, bus booking, credit card, flowers, cakes, electronics, mobiles, laptops, computers books and cloths in a geographical area of customers’ preference.

• SocialShop
Social Commerce (online shopping). It helps shoppers interact and share before making decisions to purchase. Add feature that allow shoppers to create wish list with price quotations and receive sms when the price matches their wish list and in a geographic area of choice.
• Myrr
Borrow books online and add to your profile and read for a period within a period. Pay based on number of books borrowed.
You can also think around these:

• Ideas that could become new companies
• Ideas that could become new products for existing companies (mine or someone else’s)
• Ideas that could become great new features for existing products
• Ideas that could improve existing features of existing products

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How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to Your Blog

Create forms for users
I started Using wordpress last week,and I must confess it has been very useful for me.I am creating a user generated site,and I want my users to submit content as well. The TDO Mini Forms Plugin has ben very useful. I downloaded the zipped file from the link sited above AND uploaded the TDO Mini Forms folder in my wordpress folder in the directory i created on my localhost. Here: .C:\Users\tom@s\workspace\wordpress\wp-content\plugins. I then went straight to the WordPress Dashboard and clicked on the Plugins link.I then activated it and clicked on the form creator which took me to the default form.I replaced the default form with custom fields.In each custom field, as I was typing the name of the field I enabled the “Append Custom Field to Post Content ” saved it and now I create post right from the site by using my own forms. I also allow users to submit posts(my custom fields are purposely built for users to submit restaurants and events in thier locality.

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Starting a Web Business

I have been involved in about four startup projects.All of them were aimed at the internet.The barriers to entry in web business is so low that once the startup or business of ready to be shipped,it takes a lot of effort to get the message out there about your new product.But once the product gets to main stream,you stand the chance to gain a lot.Social media may be free,but you cannot be 100 percent sure that the product will get to the target market.I am therefore torn betwen starting a consumer application or business to business application.In a B2B application,a strong sales team can deliver and bring in the money.If you plan to build a consumer application read Long Tail, The, Revised and Updated Edition: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More ,but some principles and ideas are useful for business applications ,especially if you get to main stream. His basic Principles are that

    1. Make as much as possible available to as many people as possible.
    2. Help them to locate what they need, quickly and easily.
    3. Offer maximum inventory only online.
    4. Customize supply chain in terms of niche markets
    5. Maximize its efficiencies and economies (especially inventory control, order processing, and distribution,)
    5. Be customer-driven in terms of “crowdsourcing”
    6. Have strategy that separates content into its component parts (i.e. “microchunking”)
    7. Have a pricing strategy that is “elastic” (i.e. based on the ROI of fulfillment per product per niche).
    8. Have an open source business model for information sharing.
    9. In markets where scarcity exists, “guesstimate” costs, margins, sales, profits, etc.
    10.Where there is abundant competition, let those markets “sort it all out.”

Also available at Principles from Amazon.

Other useful links and articles that I am reading include

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The best blogs on Startup News

There are too many blogs to read for updates on startups,technology industry news and and the latest in web development.It takes a lot of time to visit site to site just to stay informed.These blogs have been useful for me :

    Alltop for startups is a perfect aggregator of startup news.This site has all the news you need as entrepreneur.


is another collection.

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