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Slidesharing Tools: Top 10 startups you should Know

powerpoint presentation
I needed to make a presentation to a prospective customer this week.These tools were the best options I has to be able to pull off the slideshow.Try them and make a choice.

Google Presentations
Whether imported from existing files or created using the slide editor, slides are listed alongside documents and spreadsheets in the Google Docs document list. They can be edited, shared, and published using the familiar Google Docs interface, with several collaborators working on a slide deck simultaneously, in real time. When it’s time to present, participants can simply click a link to follow along as the presenter takes the audience through the slideshow.

SlideShare is probably the best known and most used presentation-sharing platform. LOTS of presentations to view, and options for posting your own either publicly or privately. There are easy connections to LinkedIn and Facebook. SlideShare accepts PowerPoint, Open Office and Keynote presentations, but does not preserve animation, transitions, or narration, and does not support embedded audio or video.

SlideBoom converts PowerPoint to Flash, and will preserve movement and sound. The site offers search-and-share capabilities similar to SlideShare, along with a Blog Sidebar Widget and a free PowerPoint add-in (iSpring) that enables you to convert a presentation to Flash in PowerPoint. A basic SlideBoom account is free, and there is also a Pro account that includes more storage and added features for $99 a year. SlideBoom also offers sophisticated business solutions.

Scribd is quite different from the first three platforms listed. It’s a very popular (50 million viewers a month) document publishing site that enables users to upload all sorts of file formats—including PowerPoint presentations–for conversion to iPaper, a beautiful online reading format. Scribd also provides sophisticated community and search tools, plus an iPaper viewer that can be embedded on your own website. Scribd does not support any transitions, animation or embedded media in presentations.

208 Slides
208 Slides is something of a hybrid, and the main goal seems to be simplicity. It lets you create and share slides via its online application–which is pretty basic–or you can upload a PowerPoint presentation and then enhance it, using a streamlined interface and tools that let you gather media easily. Then you can send the finished presentation to SlideShare, or download it to PowerPoint. No transitions or animation.

SlideRocket is intended as a replacement, not an accompaniment, for PowerPoint. It offers a fully functional presentation development application, with stunning 3-D transition effects. Although you can store and share presentations via Slide Rocket, there is no social platform—the focus is on creation. The basic account is free, with additional account levels (that include extra features like web meetings and presentation analytics) available at $10 and $20 per month.

Slide doesn’t create conventional slideshows at all, and has nothing to do with PowerPoint. It lets you create a “show” containing images (which you upload or select from a social media site), then apply an effect (such as rotating the images, collaging them, melting them, etc.) and optionally add audio from Slide’s music library. The images then play in the slide space, which is inside a “skin” that can be customized (for example, the images can play on a drive-in movie screen). Finally, you post the show on one or more social media accounts, or get the code and embed it on your own site, or email it. Slide defines itself as a “social entertainment application.”

Zoho Show
Zoho Show is part of the Zoho suite, which provides a long list of online alternatives to desktop applications (Zoho Write, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Project, and so on). Show can start with a PowerPoint presentation, but provides a nice toolset for creating slides directly, including some attractive themes. It replicates much PowerPoint functionality, but transitions and animation are not yet available. Zoho makes it easy to export (to HTML, PDF, PPT, etc.), publish, and share presentations.

SlideServe is a free service which gives users the power to easily share, discover, view powerpoint presentations online. Everyone can view Presentations on SlideServe. People can see the latest presentations of speakers at latest events, find slides about their hobbies and interests.when you register with SlideServe you will get a free software client – a powerpoint add-in based on the powerful PowerFlashPoint engine, which allows users to seamlessly convert PowerPoint to Flash from within powerpoint.

authorSTREAM is a platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations on the Internet. authorSTREAM makes it easier to share your PowerPoint slideshows through blogs, websites, on YouTube and even via iPOD.authorSTREAM protects your private content, and makes sure that it is seen only by you and the people whom you handpick. Your private presentations don’t show in the search results, or in your public profile.

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Arab technology startups:Top 10

iit forum-logo

These startups were selected among 33 others who pitched their idea to Investors.The event “The 6th Investing In Technology Forum” aimed to be a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, regional corporate CEOs, and all technology leaders in the Arab region to get together to share experiences, develop relationships and explore business opportunities. The top ten startups that came up on top were:

A company that has invented and patented a new method of dental surgery.Centre aims at producing expanders together with all implantation requirements’ subject matter of our Letters Patent, which presents a new method for implantation, and avoids traditional methods which require costly equipment
with limited uses, in addition to the need for high expertise and qualification by a dentist, which, accordingly, result in high cost of implantation and limited spread out.

The company being formed will provide various integrated and multi‐tiered set of services to
consumers visiting numerous out‐of‐home outlets (e.g. cafés, hotels, hospitals, clinics,
banks, etc.). The services provided include audio and video media together with free
wireless Internet connectivity.All services of will be provided by a single hardware box (Localizer Plus™) and a single service supplier.The provided bundle of services will be used as a vehicle to serve commercial adverts to the consumers from multiple sources. Video broadcast will be complemented with embedded commercials in various forms. Audio playback will be supported by inter‐track commercials. Internet access will be supported by web‐based sponsored ads. All ads served by Localizer will be demographically tailored to suite the corresponding audience.

Applied Research Institute:
A company that works on new technologies for water treatment and organic food.
ARIJ is working on three products:
1. Environmental Technology: ARIJ is producing small scale waste water treatment, which is used for treated the household waste water and reuses it in agriculture. In addition ARIJ producing small scale wind energy unit to be used as a source of electricity in the household level.
2. Producing all kind of organics food, such as olive oil.
3. Creating software application, our product in this field: E‐Office and other application to be used for the financial and administration.

weNear is a framework that facilitates development of Proximity Based Services mobile
applications. The main focus of weNear is to be a backend for LBS/PBS applications that will
be developed using weNear APIs. weNear is a server side framework where you can store the
geographical location of the users, and hook an announcement to a certain location while the
proximity between the different users and announcements will be calculated by the

MobiLaps’ product is an online network appliance, placed on ISP premises, that performs value added customization of web content and web services. The customization is based on personal and contextual information that web‐users entrust with their ISPs. MobiLaps’ first commercial application is Web‐Based Emergency Alerts: if a web‐user is in an area affected by an emergency/disaster, they will receive an alert in the form of an interstitial web‐page while they are browsing the web; without requiring them to install special software on their computers.

An online social network and photo gallery for comedy/funny content. Its a photo collection, from funny spelling mistakes to eccentric acts, it is a collection gathered over years from fans across the globe.

A company that works on technology to produce biofuel and silicon carbon from environmental waste.

A company that builds customised three-dimensional virtual worlds for education, real estate …etc.
Online 3D Virtual World, a futuristic open‐standard platform that transforms the lifestyle
and the work experience of millions of the internet users, whether they use it for business or
leisure. The virtual world will enable its users, to meet other users; network with peers;
communicate Effectively and elaborately; share information securely; document projects in
detail and on various abstraction and granularity levels; do business transactions,
conveniently and efficiently; collaborate on projects easily; innovate in designs and
productions naturally and freely; visualize products realistically, establish a presence that
reflects strong identity; market their products and services; advertise their offerings; and sell
products and services.

A company that provides hardware acceleration technology thats speeds up intensive computing processes for Telecom Operators.SilMinds provides the world with the solution for
accelerating these operations by a factor of more than 50 while cutting down energy
simultaneously with a factor of more than 60 times.

A company that helps businesses to better protect their Rich Internet Applications based on Adobe Flash.Their flagship product, secureSWF, protects Adobe’s Flash applications from reverse engineering and decompilation.

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Designing Web Sites with Photoshop

Photoshop is a very useful tool for designing websites.Once the site is designed, it takes a lot of effort to code the site in Dreamweaver, Eclipse or any other IDE you want to use.I am at a crossroad now.I have been able to design the psd file and now I am in the process of coding the psd or converting the file to html or xhtml.The slicing tool has been very useful,But it has its own challenges.The following tutorials have been helpful.

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User Interface

User Interface has not seized to be an important element in web development and software development.User interaction with your website has to be as simple and intuitive as possible.No matter how important the information you provide for your users they deserve a better design.Make it attractive,simple and employ useful navigation.Take a look at this for inspiration. 40 most beautiful and inspirational website designs of 2008
If you want to get your hands dirty check out 10 Useful Web Application Interface Techniques Get your css basics right first.CSS web design techniques to die for.

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