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Seedcamp :Top Six Startups For 2009

Seedcamp is a programme created in Europe by connecting next generation developers and entrepreneurs with over 400 mentors from a top-tier network of company builders; including seed investors, serial entrepreneurs, product experts, HR and PR specialists, marketers, lawyers, recruiters, journalists and venture capitalists.

Seedcamp has announced its Six Winning Startups For 2009.The profiles of the companies are on techcrunch.You can read about them here.

The video of the highlights can also be viewed here:Seedcamp Week 2009 Day 4 Highlights from Seedcamp on Vimeo.


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startup sales process

The ability to sell is an a crucial skill for every entrepreneur.The odds are that at a point in your life as a entrepreneur you will have to sell your product to a customer by yourself.In my opinion anybody can sell.Its just a matter of finding a way or technique that suits you.Selling gets better with time.The experienced sales person has spoken to a lot of prospective clients.Sales skills are improved as you identify which method or technique works better and makes it easy to close a deal.Selling web applications.The ability to communicate the benefit of your product is an important skill.Prospective clients will always ask how your product can help them increase their revenue.Unless they have a pain point which your product will help them solve. This Sales Process article describes the process in detail. Building Relationship is key to sales success .

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